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call me maybe; phone swap AU (captain swan) 


Words: 4K+
T (some mild language)
Killian and Emma cross paths without knowing it and accidentally swap phones. They meet to exchange phones back after weeks of texting/phone calls.
Author’s Note: I’ve been on such an AU kick lately, so I really couldn’t help myself when I saw this prompt. If you read and like this one, check out my other AU’s!

Killian has had the most spectacularly shit-filled week. Not only has his first week as senior editor at the publishing firm been nothing but headaches and problems, but he has just realized that the cell phone in his hand is not, in fact, his.

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Tallahassee home, is it near a beach?
 You’re looking for it, the sea, and him, the pirate. 

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No but how hot was this.


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"You may have changed, I haven’t. I’m a Pirate, and I always will be;

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The next time you kiss Emma Swan, all of her magic will be taken.

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"what’s it like working with colin? he seems like a real sweetheart."

he is lovely. i am grateful to have him and his whole family in my life [x]

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And here we can pinpoint the exact moment Killian gave Emma Swan butterflies

Sometimes I wonder how they directed Colin through that moment in 2.05 when he first looked up at Emma 

favourite captain swan screencaps 5/∞

favourite captain swan screencaps 5/∞


AU : Siren!Emma & Killian

'Cause all I needIs the love you breatheput your lips on me andI can live underwater,underwater, underwater’
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AU : Siren!Emma & Killian

'Cause all I need
Is the love you breathe
put your lips on me and
I can live underwater,
underwater, underwater’

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