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colin and jen :: tv line interview at comic con 2014 [x]

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Captain Swan Wedding | As Emma walked down the aisle, her eyes found his immediately. Her grin turning into a smirk, realizing how glad she was that he hadn’t shaved or taken out his earring - no matter how against them she was just a day ago. This was her Killian: her true love; her soulmate. She loved everything about her pirate, and she couldn’t wait to start on the many adventures that would await Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

"Do you, Emma, take Killian to be your husband?" - "I do."
"Do you, Killian, take Emma to be your wife?" -"Aye."

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jennifer morrison aka my flawless queen at the entertainment weekly comic con party [7/26/14]

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Jennifer & Colin + talking about the finale kiss

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jennifer and colin + repeating one another

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"Hook and Emma is very Kristoff/Anna-ish"

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Be  b r a v e  enough to be yourself; 
                        And be  g o o d  to one another.
" — Jennifer Morrison

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jen & colin being adorable cuties while giving an interview @ sdcc

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the captains of our ship…Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue!

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To be honest I don’t need Emma to feel the same about Killian as he does about her, at this moment in time, as long as she is on a consistent path to allowing herself to realize the things we know she already really does feel. With obvious push and pull along the way because two steps forward, one step back is a pretty basic pattern of human behavior when making fundamental changes, regardless of how frustrating it might be.

And her feelings for Killian have been consistently evolving since Tallahassee- slowly and organically- which is what I believe makes this couple so dynamic and intrinsic to the show. I feel like anyone who truly understands Emma as a character has seen this evolution. And they are going to continue to do so as Emma slowly heals a lifetime of hurt and leaves herself open to the vulnerability of loving someone. 

Honestly, Emma has made leaps and bounds from where she was in the beginning and this season starts them off in completely new, exciting territory-where do they go after there first real, mutual kiss-where do they go after Emma has admitted to herself that she has real, romantic feelings for this man? She let him fully into her life, now she has to fully let him into her heart.

I have never once doubted the trajectory of Emma and Killian’s relationship and I have yet to be disappointed, nor do I think I ever will be. I am beyond excited to see these characters continue to bring out the best in each other on their journey as individuals and as a couple.



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